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What is erectile dysfunction?

The erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability of a man to get and keep a steady erection during intercourse. Today ED is a common sexual dilemma in men, and these symptoms have influenced nearly 30 million men. Although, it is thought to be a sexual dysfunction that is affecting middle-aged and older men, about a quarter of men under the age of forty are also encountering ED on quite a regular basis.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

When a man is experiencing from ED, it is hard to obtain and maintain an erection during sex with their partner. It can also be a sign of warning of several cardiovascular disorders, which indicates a blockage in the vascular system. Few kinds of studies have also shown that men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are at following higher prospects of cardiac arrest, stroke, or some problems related to legs. It also affects the man’s overall wellbeing and results in low self-confidence, worry, or distress.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The sexual arousal in males is really quite a complicated process which involves the brain, hormones, nervous system, muscles as well as blood vessels. Erectile Dysfunction symptoms may happen due to the problem with any of these. Also, tension and mental health matters may worsen the situation. Most often, it is caused when the flow of blood in the penis is limited, or nerves are actually harmed.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

There is a wide range of advanced Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options which are available for treating ED and assists the patients in developing and also keeping an erection without any sort of concern. There are few common oral drugs like Vidalista, Kamagra, Fildena 100, which serve as the first line of treatment, which includes Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and also Tadalafil. The group of these three medicines performs the same function. They facilitate better blood flow towards the penis, overcoming the challenges in improving the erection. The oral pills come in different strengths. A consultation with the doctor is required, who recommends the pill of the right strength on the basis of individual requirements. The patients are asked to take the pill one hour before indulging in sexual activity. Also, it never takes more than a single pill in one day.

Side effects

Although the side effects of oral medications are not very common, still few of them may arise, which include headache, back pain, abdomen upset, nasal blockage, nausea, or alternation in vision.


Never consume these pills when you are taking nitrates or related kinds of medicine for reducing chest pain. Always follow all the directions which are considered on the prescription label. Also, make sure that you visit the specialist for clearing all concerns or problems that you have in mind.


Is erectile dysfunction pill suitable for me?

Your doctor will decide your individual condition and suggest the type and dosage of ED medication which works best for you. Make sure all the underlying cause of the ED sign is examined by the health practitioner. Also, read the information which is given in the patient information leaflet.

How frequent can I take ED medication?

The majority of patients can take ED drugs on a daily basis. Still, it is extremely important to discuss your physician about the correct information on the dosage. The patients on a certain type of medicines are required to follow a different dosing regimen.

How can I buy erectile dysfunction medication?

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