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Time To Orgasm! Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Time to orgasm!

There are just a few sexual insecurities that confront the male sexual ego, and foremost amongst these is the amount of time that they can make love. Studies reveal that just around 1 out of 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point or the other in their lives, but this topic is considered to be taboo, and partners avoid discussing Time To Orgasm.

Though it is very important that you be concerned about giving your partner sexual pleasure, if you fear to have an orgasm too fast, this can prove to be counterproductive.

If you worry about ejaculating too fast, this could lead to anxiety with regards to sexual performance, and most often, this could leave you and your partner feeling sexually unsatisfied.

A survey was done of over 1,000 anonymous people from America and Europe, to find out the most intimate experiences of these people and also to find out how long men could last in bed.

To find out whether the anxieties of males were blown out of proportion or whether they were warranted, the perspectives of both women and men were taken into consideration.

In addition, people in the survey were asked to share what they did to continue to please their partner in case he ejaculated fast and also what they did to delay having an orgasm.

Orgasm Countdown: Averages and Expectations

If premature ejaculation is accepted as a relatively common phenomenon, then so is the anxiety that is inspired as a result of it. Almost as many as 1/3rd of men believed they orgasm ed way too fast. But, the sad part is that these men found it hard to talk to a doctor on this subject, let aside discuss the issue with a friend or two. Of interest to note, though, is that on average, these men could last for about 14 minutes, which, as was suggested by data, was for women, a delightful period.

The fact is Time To Orgasm, the ideal average length required by women to have penetrative sex, was an average match to the 14-minute average of men. This revelation should be of some relief to those men who are worried about being able to last for a very long time when having sex.

Typically, women were of the opinion that foreplay should last almost as long as penetrative sex. This was a finding which confirmed a budding research theory that for many women, ‘outercourse’ is vital for the climax. In addition to this, women also expressed the opinion that ideally, oral sex should last for around 9 minutes if they were at the receiving end and about 8 minutes if they were giving it.

These results could be of some encouragement to men who have the fear that they might climax just too fast to be able to give pleasure to their partner. Of course, if you are one of these men, then you need to understand that there are optional routes that are available to achieve orgasm.

The fact is, if oral sex and foreplay are capable of lasting for these desired time frames, then there is very little time that would be available in the 30-minute window, which women have identified to be recognized as ideal for the complete intimate experience.

Maybe it is this very flexibility that is accountable for the satisfaction levels that were found in women in general, and this was that 3/4th of the women claimed that their sexual partner was able to last long enough, to be able to let them orgasm. It could also be assumed here that foreplay before penetration, contributed a great deal to this effect. Although the preferences of different couples would indeed be different.

Ways To Delay Orgasm

Though indeed, a large number of men climaxed faster than they desired, studies from this survey revealed that it is not because of a lack of effort. 96% of men admitted that in the past, they have tried to delay ejaculation, and only a small number of these men are in a position to say that they have never struggled to orgasm fast.

The techniques used by different men to prevent themselves from ejaculating early differed vastly. The most common method used was changing the position, and 63% of the men claimed that when they felt that they were about to orgasm too fast, they used this technique. Almost 50% of the men said that they paused the action.

Over 1/3rd of the men tried to masturbate before a date or before having sex. This is a technique that has been suggested by some as a way of relieving the stress of the libido. Other common techniques that are used to delay orgasm involve the use of distraction. With regard to this, 15% of the men said that they visualized a person who was not attractive, and 19% of men said that they had thoughts about work. While having sex, other things that were commonly thought of were math problems, inanimate objects, and sports. And, 5% of the men even went so far as to have thoughts of a grandparent or a parent.

Delay Time To Orgasm, over 1/4th of the men said that they used a condom. Studies reveal that this is a very good technique to delay ejaculation. 65% of the men stated that by using a condom, they were able to climax much more slowly. Only a small number of men who used a condom complained that by doing so, they ejaculated faster.

There are research studies that have been done which state that when a man uses a condom, the chances of a woman reaching a Time To Orgasm, are not affected.

Out of all the many techniques that were used to increase the time taken to have sex, which then appeared to be the one which was the most successful? Based on the data revealed in the study conducted, some of the methods that were used, which proved to be very successful, were mental. Those people who had sex on an average of 26 minutes, visualized inanimate objects. This was closely followed by people who visualized a grandparent or parent, while in the act.

Also, amongst the groups which lasted the longest were those who had thoughts of someone else, math problems, or sports.

Interesting to note is that men who chose to switch positions, which is considered to be the most popular technique, ejaculated several minutes more quickly.

Women Take the Opposite Approach

For men who feel that they would orgasm way too quickly and as such, not be in a position to satiate their partner, women have an excellent suggestion for these men – have sex in such a way that even the woman is put on a fast track Time To Orgasm!

For 4 out of 10 women, the preferred position to help them orgasm quickly was doggy style. 29% of the women said that they were able to climax quickly, in the traditional missionary position. 69% of the women said that they did not need penetration to get pleasure quickly – what worked best for them was the 69 position!

Very interesting to note is that over 7 out of 10 women claimed that they still found sex to be very satisfying, even though it did not include them having an Time To Orgasm.

Recent studies done have indicated that women are much less likely to orgasm while having sex, as compared to men. These studies also revealed that there were very few men who climaxed, just by having penetrative sex.

A positive way of looking at this is that women can enjoy sex without having to bother about having an orgasm.

Post-Orgasm Action

There are a large number of men who fear that premature ejaculation will stop them from satisfying their partner sexually. But, the good thing here is that 91% of the men said that they were able to please their partners after they had an orgasm sexually.

And the most common method used to do this was manual stimulation, which was then followed by oral sex. Almost as many as 50% of the men said that they continued to have sex, even after they had an orgasm.

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